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3 Years Subscription to Cult Classic Commentary 'Sampath Iyengar'!!!

Here is a real exclusive Bonanza Offer, only on Taxsutra Reservoir. A three year subscription to 10 e-volumes of Sampath Iyengar's Law of Income Tax, which is hailed to be the most authoritative and reliable commentary for Income Tax.

The Guide that has a history of 6 decades of Legacy: 

  • Is an Indispensable tool for tax planning, consultancy, advocacy, concept, law, practice and procedure
  • Is the best Guide for understanding the tax implications of any business decision 
  • Serves as an invaluable guide and a library by itself for lawyers, consultants, practitioners and tax administrators for effective advocacy in presentation of their case at all levels
  • Deals not only with mere statute and precedents, but also with concepts necessary for better understanding of law
  • Also contains critical comments, besides what is necessary and useful for practice

Any Revised Editions to the commentary in the three years are included in this subscription price!

Total Subscription Price for 3 years - Rs. 29,997

Offer Price - Rs. 21,000


Books included in the Pack

(10 books in 1 categories)