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Frequently Asked Questions 

1) How to access the e-books?

After you purchase the E-book, go to My Library, click on the title you want to read and click on Read Now. The My Library tab will be available only after logging in.

2) Is there a special device needed to access the e-book on Taxsutra Reservoir

No. You don’t need a special devise to access the e-book. Taxsutra Reservoir works on your Laptop / Desktop / Mac browser or any other mobile / tablet browser, as it is a cloud based interface. All you need is just an internet connection while reading the e-books.

3) Can I print the e-book, as per my need?

Yes, there is a limited printing ability on Taxsutra Reservoir. You can print up to 10% of the e-book (100 pages of a 1000 page book are printable). For eg: All the 10 volumes of Sampath Iyengar Commentary have a 250-page printing limit per volume.

Note: To preserve the integrity and purpose of an online book store and the interests of our Publishers and Authors, we have limited the printing option. 

4) What are the E-book features available on Taxsutra Reservoir?

  • Indexing Feature - Browse the book, segment-wise and directly jump to the segment that matters.
  • HIGHLIGHT - Highlight any Sentence / Paragraph in the e-book for your reference! 
  • NOTES - Make notes on specific parts of the e-book for your own understanding & reference!

Here’s a video that explains the features -

5) Can I copy paste any content from the book?

We don’t have the copy pasting option available on Taxsutra Reservoir, as the same has not been authorised by the Publishers

6) We are a team of people and want to access to the e-book simultaneously. Should we go for for separate logins?

We have an IP access for firms and corporates that allows concurrent access. To learn more about this, you can get in touch with our team at

7) What is a 404 Error and when does it occur?

The e-book store is a single user account and allows you to access the e-books purchased from 3 to 4 devices. If the login credentials are shared with multiple users it causes the IP to exceed resulting in the 404 Error. You can reach out to to get the IP cleared. 

8) How to reset the Password?

Option 1- Go to Account, click on Profile details from the drop down menu and click on Change Password. Enter your new password and click on submit. 

Option 2 - If you do not remember your password, click on Forgot Password on the login page and enter your registered email id to receive a link to reset the password.

9) What is so unique about Taxsutra Reservoir?

Taxsutra Reservoir is the first cross publisher e-book store in the Tax and Legal space. Under one cloud of contents, you get to access the e-books from the best publishers in the Taxation and Legal space.