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International Law, Volumes 1 & 2

Public International Law, United Nations, Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, Air and Space Law, Law of Sea and Treaty Law are important areas of immense concern to the comity of nations and the international community in today’s globalised world. Though comprehensive in itself, these areas of International Law and International Organisations impinge upon each other. Therefore, for a better understanding of any one of them, a reader has to be familiar with the salient features of each of these critical areas. With this end in view, we have written the following books:

International Law 1: Public International Law including Law of Sea, Air and Space Law.

International Law 2: United Nations, Human Rights, IHL & ICL.

Both the books deal with various complex issues in a simplified and understandable way, with special utility for graduate, post-graduate and other students. Several new topics have been inserted from time to time to improve the contents of these volumes. We have made sincere efforts to give current position of law in a simple manner. We hope that this edition would be more helpful to the students and competitive exams aspirants.

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International Law