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Ram Dutt Sharma's Tax Essentials Pack

Unlock a treasure trove of tax knowledge with the Tax Essentials Master Pack. Dive deep into the nuances of tax statutes and regulations with five meticulously crafted books by author Ram Dutt Sharma. 

Get all five ebooks at a 35% discount and elevate your tax expertise today.

Books Included:

1. Understanding the Special provisions of Presumptive Taxation Scheme For Resident & Non-Resident (Under the Income Tax Law)

2. Methods of Investigations of Books of Accounts and Other Documents

3. Income Tax Refunds (Law & Procedure) Under The Income Tax Law

4. Understanding the Provisions of Clubbing of Income (Under the Income Tax Law)

5. Interpretation of Words and Phrases of Taxing Statutes

₹2845 (35% off!) (Print Price ₹4375 )
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