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Taxsutra is considered the most credible source of tax news in the tax fraternity. What started as a fledgling start-up has now become a leading brand in the tax world not only in India, but across the globe. Taxsutra's diverse customer set includes Fortune 500 Companies, large Indian Business Groups, Global Conglomerates, Tax Judges, IRS Officers, CBDT, Tax Lawyers & thousands of tax practitioners.

Taxsutra has demonstrated its thought leadership through special coverage of the $2 billion Vodafone tax case, BEPS, IFA Congresses, 9 Union Budgets and even some light banter with a microsite on tax and the Soccer World Cup. The annual Taxsutra Conclave, ALP & GST Summits organised by Taxsutra, see the participation of policy makers, top tax experts and hundreds of CFOs & Corporate tax heads.

Taxsutra co-founders Arun Giri and Arun Anant are accomplished media professionals with rich experience straddling the world of Print, Broadcast and Digital media. Taxsutra Group Editor Arun Giri is considered among the premier financial reporters in India, with special focus on tax. He has around 15 years of journalistic experience, including as a broadcast journalist with leading business news channels – CNBC TV18 and Bloomberg UTV and continues to be known for consistently breaking the biggest stories in the financial/tax world. Executive Editor Swapna Marathe has extensive experience in Industry as well as Consultancy services in the field of Indian Income Tax and Transfer Pricing. Country Director Vijay Chand is a seasoned senior management executive with over 18 years of comprehensive Sales, Marketing and Leadership experience in the Financial Information and Technology sectors.

The company's investors include Mr. K.V. Balakrishnan & Mr. T.V. Mohandas Pai (both former Board Members & CFOs of Infosys), Mr. P.V. Srinivasan (Corporate Advisor & former tax head, Wipro) and Mr. H. Padamchand Khincha (renowned tax professional).  

Taxsutra suite of portals :

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  4. "Taxsutra Database" - Powerful Online Direct Tax Reference and Search Tool (
  5. LawStreetIndia (LSI) ( contains sub-modules on Company law, Securities law (SEBI/SAT), FEMA, IP laws & Competition Law
  6. Taxsutra Accounting Standards portal (Ind-AS) (