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India's First Ind-AS Audio Book at 50% Off!!

While we all live in a generation of social media and bustling lives, most of us can’t seem to find the time to concentrate, sit down and read a book. If you have always wanted to read but could not build an appetite for it, especially for hard-coded technical accounting content, Taxsutra Greentick is delighted to present to you India’s First IND-AS Audiobook titled“65+ Advanced Issues on IND-AS” by Mr. Parag Kulkarni (Chartered Accountant).

In what promises to be an absolutely novel concept, in this audio book, you will get access to the following:

  1. A 150+ Pager E-Book comprising of 69 advanced case studies & respective solutions vis-à-vis Ind-AS
  2. For each and every one of the 69 Case Studies respectively, a link for audio has been embedded, whereby each issue in the audio has been deconstructed in a simple, easy to understand case study format, which shall first touch upon the brief facts of the case, the solution, and the final conclusion. All audios are of 5-10 Minutes and are recorded in the voice of the author himself, i.e. Mr. Parag Kulkarni.

Want to check out the preview?

Click here to read & listen to Issue 1 which deals with,“Dividend Vs. Buyback – Tool for Tax Planning”.

Enrich your mind without even having to set aside any time from your daily schedule. Plug on your earphones and start listening during chores or any other time that you like. Read a book to keep your mind enlightened, or even better, listen to one!

₹995 (50% off!) (Print Price ₹1999 )
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